Top 7 Organic Search Engine Optimization Tips

Top 7 Organic Search Engine Optimization Tips – Organic search engine optimization is done through conventional means like link building and without paying anyone to get your website embedded in the search engine. Search engines loves this type of sites and if your site is well optimized, your anchored links will bring you top rankings.

Here’s the top 7 organic search engine optimization tips for optimum search engine optimization:

1. Link Building

Link building is like the basics of organic search engine optimization. This process is very simple and quick process. You can build links by posting your link in blogs, forums, directories, and exchanging links with others. There are three factors that will play a major role in linking. It is the quality of the page where you can post your link, the relevance of the page where you can post your link, and the page rank of the page where you can post your link.

Top 3 Organic Search Engine Optimization Tips

2. Keywords and Phrases

Keywords and phrases play a major role in organic search engine optimization. Ideal keywords and phrases will bring traffic to your website. You can use Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find the correct keywords for your site. If you have a keyword and phrase that you think users are looking for, then you’re probably right. Also, think of synonyms for your keywords. There are tons of online resources that will help you find the right keywords and phrases.

Keyword and Phrases

3. Writing Content

The content of your website is like the foundation of your website. You want to have a good amount of text on your website with the keywords and phrases you’ve chosen. People that find your website through search engines will find what they’re looking for in terms of content. If they don’t find it, they might find one of your competitors’ sites instead.

Content Writing

Google’s algorithm will determine by using what’s called “Page Rank” how important your website is. The page rank system is 100 points out of 10, and the higher the page rank of your page, the more likely your website will be at the top of the search engine results. This system is based on real votes from users, and it gives your website “votes” depending on how popular your site is.

So how do you get votes? Well, you need potential customers to find your website through search engines.

So how do you get potential customers to find your website?

Offer valuable content. Your website will be put together by a content designer, and they usually include some information about your company. Your website description already contains some of the keywords and phrases of your company. So make sure it’s interesting and pertinent. Add more information as the design develops. When the content is posted, it becomes your responsibility to manage and keep the content up to date and relevant.

Tip: Make sure you include your keywords and phrases in headlines as well. Some content management systems, like Joomla, include a module for creating and managing your headlines and content.

4. Regular Update

Maintaining a website is not easy. You need constant updates. If you use a content management system, make sure you update your pages often. In the static WordPress sites, this is easy. You just Ping module, and you will be off and running in record time. However, in a dynamic site like WordPress, that won’t be an easy task.

You won’t be able to add new pages automatically, and you will have to check updates manually. That’s why you should have a good automated updator, which will update your website automatically when needed. In addition, your updates won’t be as fully complete as they could be if you try to do it manually.

Regular Update

5. Ping Module

When your blog post or web page is updated, you should take care of three things immediately:

  • Check what’s latest on Google or other search engines
  • Analyze traffic and see what’s working for you
  • Analyze why traffic dropped

6. Ratings and Comments

Your ratings and comments determine long-term success of your online property. Don’t use spam to build your online popularity! Think about it, you’re about to launch a new product or service, and you want people to beinformed. You also want repeat business, and any comments like “Great post” will not get you anywhere.

If you have a blog, use commenting to provide your readers with fresh ideas and opinions. You should also respond to your own comments.

7. Involving yourself in news and discussing others' views

If you haven’t started Think Again. Start blogging! That’s right! I said that you shouldn’t start thinking about it till you have an idea (about your website). Do your research in the media, make a video about your product or service and upload it on several sites, create a contest in which participants are rewarded.

All these things will give you ideas that can feed your target customers and make both of you happy.

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