Why Pinterest is important for social media marketing

Why Pinterest is important for social media marketing

All in all, first of all, what is Pinterest? and why Pinterest is important for social media marketing. Odds are on the off chance that you have never utilized it, you could consider it a site where your better half gets thoughts for her nails, I mean she does, however it’s significantly more than that. As a matter of fact, it’s where you “pin” things that “intrigue” you.

Pinterest is a free on the web, outwardly engaged web index and social stage. It chips away at the idea of a pinboard for pictures and has developed to get one of the most powerful intelligent picture based pursuit share and shopping applications and sites on the planet.

Nine months after it was propelled in March of 2010 it previously had 10,000 dynamic clients. By January of 2012, it drove more referral traffic than LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+.

Pinterest permits clients to find, gather and offer their preferred pictures dependent on their inclinations. Like other online life stages, Pinterest can be utilized on an individual level or for the advancement of your business.

On August first of 2019, Forbes reported that income rose by 62% beating the anticipated ascent by nearly $30 million. On the off chance that figures keep on being correct, Pinterest is taking a gander at creating more than $1 billion in yearly income in 2019. On the off chance that that didn’t stand out enough to be noticed this blog will talk about why your business needs to exploit Pinterest (an in vogue stage that is surprising the world).


  • Board –  “Pin” or “Board” is posting page. You can cause various sheets with various headings where pinners to can stick and re-pin pictures and connections for other Pinterest clients to see. It very well may be altered whenever or just be made accessible to specific clients, or it can even be utilized as a private board for yourself.

  • Pins – The picture, content and connection you pin to a board. To Pin or Pinning – The activity of “sticking” or posting, transferring and adding an image to your own or another board. Pinners – Users effectively sticking and making sheets.

  • Re-pin/Re-sticking – Pinning another client’s pin to your own board. Follow – Following somebody’s board to see when they add pins to their sheets and these become piece of your own home feed. You can follow a client or only one of their numerous sheets relying upon your mutual advantages.

  • Home Feed – Collection of pins from the entirety of different pinners and sheets you follow. It consequently gets consistently refreshed as pins are included.

Why Pinterest Is A Big Deal When It Comes To Your Social Media Marketing

Web based life Marketing is about brand mindfulness, expanding traffic to your site, augmenting your crowd and expanding rankings to at last produce more leads, isn’t that so? CNN Business reported that Pinterest hit 300 million month to month clients in August of 2019, which is 300 million potential clients you could be passing up, so unmistakably, Pinterest is the spot to be.

Who Is On Pinterest?

Regardless of whether you own a little or medium-size retail business, a significant piece of having an effective advertising methodology is knowing who your buyers are? Information like age, sex, pay and premiums are basic for realizing your objective market, however do you know where they are hanging out on the web? Which internet based life sites do they invest energy in? How are they utilizing their favored web indexes?

Pinterest is somewhat novel as it’s not in fact an internet based life stage, yet a web crawler that individuals and organizations can utilize socially. Things being what they are, what does their client resemble and how would they use the stage? 

 With more than 200 million Pinterest clients, here is some understanding on their socioeconomics directly from the source –

  • 70 percent of the site’s clients are ladies
  • 50 percent of the clients are from outside of the United States
  • 60 percent of clients have youngsters under five years of age
  • 50 percent of the millennial clients pin at any rate once per month
  • 40 percent of pinners have a family unit salary of in any event $100,000.
  • 80 percent of guests use the Pinterest versatile application.

Since you know about the normal Pinterest client, let me drop some light on what they do while visiting the site.

  • 72 percent of pinners utilize the site to discover thoughts that will help them in their regular day to day existence. 
  • Pinners are bound to buy style, beauty care products, home, auto, and food things online than the individuals who are not on the stage.
  • 61 percent of individuals utilizing the site have discovered another brand or item from an advanced pin.
  • 50 percent of pinners have made a buy in the wake of seeing an advanced pin. 

Generally, individuals on Pinterest utilize the site to expand their personal satisfaction by discovering motivation from others and looking for new, one of a kind thoughts. From party arranging home stylistic layout and more, Pinterest is the ideal spot for purchasers to accumulate, making it a prime spot for retailers.

Reason of why People Use Pinterest?

To put it plainly, for anything and everything. Ben Silbermann, CEO of Pinterest, revealed to CNN that Pinterest’s fame depends in transit it applies to everybody’s regular day to day existence.

As an Internet Bookmarker: It gives clients a spot to spare and store joins from everywhere throughout the web and these connections are outwardly engaged.

As a Source of Inspiration: As Pinterest is loaded up with the bookmarked thoughts and items it is accordingly considered as a wellspring of Inspiration. The more a pin gets shared, the more it gets the consideration.

To Promote Their Brands: Every little and enormous entrepreneur utilizes Pinterest to advance their substance as they probably am aware the genuine estimation of Pinterest advertising.

For associating with different Peoples: Pinterest is an informal organization which permits clients a chance to communicate with one another through preferences, remarks, pins, and re-pins.

Pinterest Content Has a Long Shelf-Life

Content posted on Facebook or Twitter, be that as it may, has a normal life expectancy of a couple of hours. Reports uncover that Pinterest substance can have a time span of usability of 30 days or more.

Due to the non-direct manner by which substance is gotten to on Pinterest by means of the pursuit work, clients can get to a more extensive assortment of substance than on a progressively run of the mill news-based timetable that a considerable lot of different systems use.

Fun Facts And Stats About Pinterest

In case you’re confounded with regards to why a stage like Pinterest would be useful for your business, simply investigate a portion of the reasons:

  • The 175 billion Pins implies there is something for each industry.
  • Pinterest holds a mindfulness reach of 72% (as of February 2019).
  • Any organization with a visual promoting methodology needs a nearness on Pinterest.
  • 55% of Pinterest clients login to discover items.
  • The normal time spent on Pinterest (per meeting) is an astounding 14.2 minutes.
  • A extraordinary stage to give drawing in substance to probably the most persuaded customers on the web.

How Pinterest Differ From Other Social Media Platforms

With regards to symbolism prevailing substance Pinterest’s greatest rival is Instagram. The greatest distinction between the two and apparently Pinterest’s most noteworthy favorable position is that it guides individuals to outside sites to find new substance. Though Instagram can be viewed as dependent on sharing, Pinterest is centered around helping clients investigate and find new substance. The best piece of everything, you don’t simply need to pick one, you can utilize both in your Social Media Marketing systems!

As Pinterest’s client base has now altogether developed, the stage has grown a notoriety for being the ‘dormant beast’ of social destinations. It has been enrolled that Pinterest clients have a higher buy purpose than on all other online networking locales.

In a report charged by Business Insider, eCommerce stage Etsy uncovered that Pinterest was answerable for a similar measure of traffic to their site as Facebook and additionally drove more traffic to their site than Twitter, Instagram and YouTube joined.

Besides, late research shows that Pinterest clients are more drawn in than Facebook clients, with over 70% of clients legitimately captivating with and sparing pins routinely. This offers Pinterest as a new option in contrast to web based life advertisers who have as of late observed their Facebook arrive at fall by up to 42%.

Maybe, the higher commitment measurements exhibited by Pinterest over increasingly customary interpersonal organizations can be related with the various manners by which clients ordinarily collaborate with the stage. Because of its inclination as a disclosure and bookmarking stage, Pinterest outfits itself better in producing and changing over traffic than on Facebook where outbound connections are commonly disheartened.

Clients on Pinterest can be supposed to be profoundly dynamic members in the inquiry procedure, with clients straightforwardly looking for, bookmarking and transferring new thoughts. This is a conspicuous difference to Facebook, where clients will in general spotlight fundamentally on latently looking through an unending timetable of customized news refreshes.


By understanding the shopper purchaser conduct of Pinterest, we can use that information to improve and execute effective Pinterest promoting techniques that exploit the different advantages that the system brings to the table.

Similarly as with practically all territories of promoting, while building your arrangement for using Pinterest, attempt to consider it from the viewpoint of your crowd. By imagining their perspective, you’ll have the option to concoct an arrangement that has the most potential for progress.

Do you have any Pinterest showcasing tips or counsel? Post a remark with it underneath to impart it to different perusers of this blog.

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